About us

 Divorced People Dating is owned and operated by a team of relationship experts who have a wealth of experience in helping people improve their lives. That’s why we stand out from other dating sites, along with our genuine desire to support members by sharing relationship and motivational advice.
We understand that it can be incredibly daunting to begin dating again following divorce, separation or bereavement. It may seem like an impossible prospect, but there is always an opportunity to rebuild your life, and through this website, we will show you how.

Our Philosophy

 Our aim at DPD.com is to provide not just a totally transparent dating service, but also professional and easy-to-follow advice on a wide range of subjects to relate with your own questions and concerns.

Divorced People Dating is proud to sponsor Club Self Help.com which has a library of articles, where you will be able to easily find the information you’re looking for to put your mind at ease on a multitude of relationship topics.This service is unique to DPD.com.

We are also enormously proud to be able to offer bespoke advice and information tailored to you and your own situation. Just email us at info@divorcedpeopledating.com, and we’ll reply within 48 hours.

We’re real people, so you won’t receive an automated reply with general tips – we genuinely want to help you. Seeing you find happiness is why we launched DPD.com, so if you ever need a guiding hand along the way, just get in touch.

When e-mailing us please remember to include the username, and the e-mail address you used to sign up for your Five Star membership package.

All Members Guaranteed 100% Verified

Divorced People Dating.com is proud to lead the way in setting the highest industry standards of authenticity for all members of our website community.

Everyone who registers with Divorced People Dating is a real and genuine person who has gone through a tightly controlled and highly sophisticated verification process.

That’s why we offer free verification, so that at all times, our members can enjoy the peace of mind that can only come with a fully authenticated user experience.


Mission statement

 “Our constant aim, to help people change their lives for the better. Throughout all our work this central, powerful objective remains always true.”

David P Briscombe CEO 


Meet Our Team  

David P Briscombe

Founder & CEO

At Divorced People Dating I wanted to create an online dating experience to help people move on in their lives.

We are a talented, caring team, and have an operating policy of constant development in order to expand and refine our website.

In this way we will be able to stay abreast of online dating security developments both through our own research and via our collaboration other like-minded professionals.


Tomos Lawrence

Technical  Director

Tomos is responsible for the organisations website’s navigation and presentation on both desktop and mobile devices.

He creates the workflow, the article formatting and use of images.

He specialises in linking digital technology with resources that effectively address human needs and concerns.

Dave Bowen

Director of Media and Marketing

Dave is responsible for the organisations Marketing and Promotions, as well as providing all the live interviews and podcasts available on DPD and associated sites.

A Sony Awards Nominee and highly regarded broadcaster/journalist, Dave will be interviewing relationship experts of world renown for DPD.com.





Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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