Verification Our 5-Star Membership says it all

We guarantee 100% that all the people registered on Divorced People Dating are real people, who have registered with us through a tightly controlled 5 Star verification process. No fake profiles, and that’s guaranteed.

We only offer membership to genuine people who wish to meet other genuine people by operating a policy of total transparency. This means that you can be assured that every member on our site is real.


We believe that our members complete confidence in Divorced People Dating .com and its members profiles is paramount, which is why we operate our 5 Start verification system. However, we use the very latest software to ensure that registration is as user friendly as possible, taking just a few minutes for the entire process.

When you create an account, stages 1 to 3 are mandatory (see below), and will be verified by making a short video at the time of registration. Recording the video is literally a one click operation using the built-in camera of your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and will be deleted when verification is complete.

Once the information has been verified the member will be awarded 3 Stars on their profile. Members who verify optional stages 4 and 5 will be awarded a further two stars, becoming a 5 Star member.

Please watch our verification video to see to see how easy the process is. Nothing could be simpler. Also please note that throughout the process, all information is recorded in accordance with the data protection act.  (See our privacy policy for full details.)

1. One Star (Mandatory). Email address verification.

When applying for membership, a site visitor will be sent an email to the address used for registration, requesting confirmation of their email address by clicking an enclosed hotlink. Only then may their basic membership be activated,

2. Two Star (Mandatory). Profile photo verification.

We verify every picture added to a members profile to ensure it is genuine, clear and most importantly, up to date! Each member is asked to record a private 45 second video, which we then compare to their picture(s). The video will NEVER be shared, published or shown, is strictly for registration verification purposes only and will be deleted following verification.

3. Three Star (Mandatory). Age verification.

Age is verified by using an ID document (either a driving licence passport or other suitable documentation), that we can view during a 45 second video we ask you to record using the built-in camera of your tablet, laptop, computer or smartphone (we ask that passport or driving licence numbers be omitted for security reasons).

4. Four Star (Optional, and will only be recorded with your consent).

Name verification

Your name is verified using the ID document as in the Three Star process. Your full name will not be visible on the site, and members will be entitled to use their Username on the site.

5. Five Star (Optional, and will only be recorded with your consent).

Postcode verification.

A members postcode will be a verified by the same process as above but will not be visible on the site. However, we do recommend that the first half of the postcode be entered on the site during registration in order to help other members who wish to meet someone in your general area.

Through our 5 Star Membership rating system, we at Divorced People are able to offer complete peace of mind for our members, knowing that all memberships are genuine. We are committed to complete transparency and integrity and know this may only be achieved by providing a service which allows our members total confidence..

Please also note that all information required for our 5 Star membership will be held on a server separate to our on-line and administration systems. We are therefore able to assure you that at no time will any of this information be accessed, copied or shared with unauthorised parties within our own company or with any third party. What are you waiting for join now for free.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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